At Homeopathy by the Book we want to form an educational platform that allows people to learn about ancient and modern homeopathic and Western medicine. We understand that from various points of views one might be more acceptable than the other. But we think that with a blend of homeopathic and Western medicine humans can benefit and learn in abundance.

With all the advances in Western medicine it is obvious, and quite frankly it would be irresponsible of us to say the opposite, that it has helped humanity thrive and survive what were once incurable and deadly illnesses and bacteria. As has homeopathic medicine helped cure many a rare disease and illnesses. There are incredulous case studies where patients who were though to have no treatment option other than hospice care were able to survive with the aid of homeopathic remedies.

Here we hope to unite both fronts of medicine and create a nurturing and educational environment for all. We want to explore and write about all of these interesting case studies and shine a bright light on the wonders of medicine all around.